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Short clip of how the minimap works.


  • Robots can be out on patrol. If the player is their line of sight, the robot will catch you resulting in mission failure.

  • If there are lasers in the level try to avoid them. If you touch one, you will set off an alarm and fail the mission.

  • The left controller displays a mini-map that shows an overhead perspective on the level. Also, displays AI visions cones.

  • Minimap has a light that can be turned on or off if the player is in a dark area and can't see it.

  • A timer is also displayed on the left controller, showing how long you have been in the current level.

  • Controls:

    • Press and hold the touchpad down to aim where you would like to move to, release to confirm movement.

    • This game does not use teleportation locomotion method. Instead, the player accelerates in a straight line towards their destination, creating more tension. Giving a speed bonus to large distance movement, rewarding bold play.



I wanted to create a stealth game, where the player has to physically duck down and peek around corners to sneak past enemies to get to a “finish line.” I want the players to feel scared having to hide, get stressed from hiding, and physically get tired of having to crouch down, and get back up.


Naming a virtual reality game “Sneak and Peek” was not the best idea. I’m not sure many people would associate “Sneak and Peek” with a stealth VR game.

Behind the scenes: Level 4 design, showing AI line of sight and waypoints.

Behind the scenes: Level 4 design, showing AI line of sight and waypoints.