Miscellaneous Projects

Collection of smaller projects.


Popping Portals - Mixed reality demo

Popping Portals blends both augmented and virtual reality.

The user spawns a portal in the real world and has to physically move through the entrance to enter the newly created virtual world. The user can transition back and forth between the virtual and real world.

You can also shoot a ball into these portals. Moving the ball game object between each reality

Running on an iPhone 7.

Rube Goldberg Challenge VR - Demo

Desktop VR interaction demo.
The user must build a track to guide the pink ball through a circuit collecting all the stars to proceed to the next level.
The user can spawn and place four unique objects as many times as they want. Each stage has an item par, challenging to the user to beat the level with as few pieces as possible.
To clear a level, the user will have to use physics and each items unique ability.

Google cardboard demo - ios.

Google cardboard demo. Running on iPhone 7.

Testing stability and movement options on mobile.